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Literati in the TARDIS
Letter Game 2007
Round 1 Letter 
17th-Jun-2007 01:54 am
give a damn

This is unbelievable. I am not even kidding. Right. So you want to know what I am on about this time.
I was walking home from class, just reading my Intro to Quantum Theory text, which is just enthralling. I mean- there is this cat in a box, only it isn't really in the box but it is at the same time and just by looking at it, by being there to see if the cat is there or not you can change whether or not the cat is actually in the box and… right. You all think I’m a nutter just for going to classes about that. Sorry. So, anyways there was this bloke, and I didn’t see him (you know how I get when I read and walk at the same time, and the latest job as a secretary for the bloody revenue agency is just exhausting) and all of a sudden WHAM, we ran into each other. So there go my books, all over everything, and the guy is nice enough to help me pick them up. And he is gorgeous.
So, he looks at the page I was reading about Quantum theory, one of the bits about space and how you can and cannot manipulate it and he just says something like “Oh, they got that all wrong.” Like he can prove hundreds of physicists and experiments wrong. And then he says that he can.

And it was just a wooden box. But it really wasn’t. Not at all. It was defying every law of physics I have ever learned. It is amazing.

And then he asked me if I wanted to go with him. When I asked him where he just sort of shrugged and said “travelling.” You’re going to think I’m crazy. You know I don’t trust anyone I first meet, and I know Trea is probably going to tell me I should see a brain-doctor, and Shay, I know you are going to tell me I should be sectioned, but I trust him. I don’t know why. So I said yes. Yes to going travelling to who knows where with some guy I have never seen before who breaks the laws of physics.

He told me to drop my books off at my flat, and grab a change of clothes and anything else I really needed. So I grabbed my laptop (you know how I can’t live without it) and some clothes and I stopped to post this. I don’t know if I will have internet access where ever it is that I am going, but when I do I’ll post. Promise.

Maybe I’ve already been sectioned, and this is some bizarre hallucinatory dream. Maybe not.

Much love to all of you,

P.S. I promise I’ll bring back souvenirs or something.
P.P.S. Someone tell my boss that I quit? Please? This one is the guy at the Department of Overly Officious and Pompous Wankers Remedial Accountancy.
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