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Literati in the TARDIS
Letter Game 2007
Department of Backstory - Trea's 17th Birthday Blowout 
10th-Jun-2007 09:12 pm
DW - Partay

For years Trea was the kid in the back of the class who read Shakespeare and never said anything.  Then, on her 16th birthday something changed.  It was like that extra year hit her and she decided to never let anything hold her back.  She started dying her hair to suit her mood.  Deep indigo, shocking pink, peacock blue, neon purple – blonde wasn’t good enough, her hair had to say something.  Make a statement.  Wow people. 

The summer she turned 17 Trea signed up for Arts and Media camp.  An entire summer of immersing oneself in everything to do with drama; acting, sound editing, writing, producing, for film, television and the stage.  Usually you choose one option, and get a smattering of the others – somehow Trea managed to sign up for both the acting intensive and the writing intensive…and still got the smattering of the rest. 


True to her relatively new nature, first day in, the day before her 17th, Trea saw herself inviting the entire common room in the Drama Centre to her house for her birthday, the only stipulation: Bring Presents. 


That was a party she’d never forget…although parts of it were definitely hazy.  The entire program was there, masses of presents, mostly booze, and the large flat in the centre of London was filled to the brim with every kind of Drama kid you could think of (and some you couldn’t).  Father had been at Cambridge that week, researching some arcane verb use or something, and so hadn’t noticed at all that she’d filled the flat with anywhere close to one hundred drama kids and their accompanying drugs, music, and liquor. 


That reclusive dreadlocked girl showed up – which Trea was glad of.  Never one to stick to her own age group, she liked the spunky, bristly 14 year old.  Jaye, that was her name, was ensconced next to the stereo system, with some very awkward green eyed, gangly teenager, perhaps Trea’s age, practically falling all over himself to get close to her…although he settled down some when Trea plucked a joint out of Lilith’s hand and handed to him.  Lilith and Trea went back further than most others at the camp.  Lilith having been at Trea’s school for the last term, they had bonded over mutual dislike of useless teachers, and made no effort to hide their frequent class skiving.  Trea, though flitting around like a veritable social butterfly through the night made frequent stops to the stereo, under the guise of making sure Jaye didn’t break anything.  But really, this group intrigued her, Lilith had latched on to Shay and was deep in conversation, something to do with Samurai, and as Shay was frantically trying to catch Jaye’s eye to maybe get a word in edgewise, Jaye was fiddling with dials and knobs on the stereo. 


With a final swig of her Strongbow, Trea grabbed Jaye’s hand, and pulled the girl to her feet.  “Let’s dance! All of us!” And then the group was all dancing, Trea might have ended up on a sturdy table, exhibiting her purple patent pumps and matching 17 purple streaks in her hair. 


After the majority of the program had left, Jaye, Shay and Lilith, as well as a mysterious-as-of-yet-unknown-participant, stayed to attempt tidying, and ended up giving up and watching a 1960s Sci-Fi movie on Trea’s L-shaped couch, and falling asleep close to 4 in the morning.  They just managed to catch the tube in the morning to be only a little late to first block. 

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